Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Golabki" Polish Style Cabbage Rolls

My mother-in-law was in town so it was time to make some "Golabki" cabbage rolls
here are some quick tips how to make them.

 You can use cabbage or collard greens, 
I felt that the collard greens were stronger and bigger to wrap the meat in

roll up some cooked rice and uncooked ground meat of your choice, 
you can add some mushrooms, onion, carrots and spices to your likening,  

boil the cabbage or collard greens for 5 minutes in some water and drain

when the cabbage is soft place the meat balls on top and roll 

fold the sides first and close it up

your finished roll should look like this

place the rolls in a big pot so they all fit on top of each other 

pour in about a cup of water or broth, place one leaf on top, 
cover and cook for about an hour or so, on medium-low, 

Once finished, take out, cover with ketchup if you like and enjoy.

Since you will be making so many you can always freeze the rest to use for later.