Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kotlety Mielone

A Polish favorite of mine "Kotlety Mielone" with potatoes 
and a side of peas and carrots in a little bit of sauce.
This brings back memories to my late grandma Helena
who made this often, I remember the peas and carrot side the most. 

Here are some simple tips on how to make a quick meal.
I used organic grass fed ground beef,
 season to taste, 
add one egg 
some crushed garlic
 2 slices of american bread that has been sitting in warm water for easier mixing.

Mix all the ingredients together
then take out a smaller piece and roll into a small ball and flatten 
(sizes can be according to your family needs smaller for kids bigger for adults)
Dip the "kotlet" in some bread crumbs

on a bigger pan pour some oil and pan fry on both sides

in a few moments they should begin to brown

While the "kotlets" are on the pan, prepare your potatoes and boil. 

Here is the side, cooked carrots and peas ready to go

cut the carrots in smaller pieces,

prepare some flour and butter 
always use 1 tablespoon of butter to 1 tablespoon of flour
melt together in a pot 
use as much as you need till you get a nice thick consistency
I used about 4 and 4 tablespoons
add some water and the veggies to the mix
you should have the consistency of just some sauce 
but not so much that the veggies are submerged.
Also season to taste.

And here is the finished product, yum yum yum....


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