Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Coloring

We made another attempt this year and colored our eggs naturally
so here it goes...

I boiled my eggs first b/c that's what some sites suggested is to boil them first

for my colors I used
Red onion skins

Yellow onion skins

Beetroot Concentrate

and some blueberries with blackberry mix.

I added 4 cups of water to each product and boiled it for 15 minutes...

then I took all the stuff out 
and simmered just the liquid with 2 tablespoons of vinegar for 10 more minutes. 

My eggs are ready for coloring...

I wanted to give this a shot and wrapped one egg in a string to see what happens... 

we left them in for about 2 hrs to get the color nice and dark...

and sure enough they came out dark LOL 
there was really no difference in the onion skins for us
so maybe we needed to use more or less who knows...

but my awesome dudes loved the eggs anyway and colored them with joy

I let them use glitter glue, oh boy! will see how good of an idea this was once we peel the eggs

oh and this is the outcome of the string

and here it is our finished and colored eggs,
aren't they wonderful? LOL

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