Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My New Garden 2012

This is where it all begins, this year we are doing something different and starting our seeds indoors earlier then the previous years. As it turns out there is a thing called "Spring Crop" LOL this is where my grandma calls me crazy for doing my veggies so early but hey that's why the name is spring veggie b/c you harvest it in the Spring. However I think that an average person (just like me before) thinks that just b/c you plant tomatoes and cucumbers after the official frost date you should do the same with everything else. 

So here is our first year doing it right...

My 2 awesome dudes helping me with the soil
Dude #1


we used our empty yogurt cups, 
drilled holes from the bottom and the sides for drainage 
and put the cups in a bigger container, 
so we can water the seeds/veggies from the bottom

here is our first batch

growing nicely

look at all the sprouts

my new home for my veggies
a nice greenhouse with lights under every rack
installed by non other then my hubby

more to come...

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