Saturday, April 28, 2012

Polish School 2

Every Monday is devoted to strictly Polish homeschool
we speak Polish, we read in Polish and my kids learn to write as well.

So there is this alphabet book (that I even remember using as a kid)
called ELEMENTARZ a great source for beginners. 
It introduces the children to easy words such as Ala, Ola, las, lis, as, osa and so on.

Here my almost 5 year old awesome dude is recognizing the pictures 
from the alphabet book and writing what he sees.
I copied the pictures from the book
and made two blank lines with the letter "i" in between which stands for &
Ala i Ola (2 girls names)
As i osa (dog named As and a bee)
las i lis (forest and a fox)

my almost 3 year old awesome dude
 is just typing the first letter of the picture that he sees
A i O
A i O
L i L

here is a picture of a fox which my 5 year old wrote on the chalkboard

kot (cat)

On this picture is a Polish flag that I cut up and laminated, 
it was easier for them to connect the pieces when I numbered each piece
because the flag is just white and red so each piece looked like the other
easier one for my 3 year old (straight lines)

and a little trickier one for my 5 year old (cut up in triangles)

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  1. Zestaw Nasze Razem w Szkole też jest fajny, polecam, do kupienia w Polsce lub przez internet (empik wysyła za granice). Pozdrawiam.