Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Real Life Parenting

Welcome to my blog!!! As you can see I am a fresh blogger and this will be my first entry. Here it goes... a little about me. I am a stay home mom of two awesome dudes 3 and 5 at the moment. We are all about natural living, gardening and homeschooling, as wonderful as this might sound (to some of course) we are also your average family with problems, chaos and a messy house (which the kids and hubby and me a little but just a little, LOL, create). We come across issues and problems like any other family. I cook, clean, garden, teach and try to make sense of everything around our lives. I will try to present my real life and not a section of the best corner I found in my house, I know we all love to look at pictures so I will try my best to get them in. Trust me I hate a messy house, but do I have one? yes! and the reason is "kids" and my husband whom I love, but boy does he contribute to the kids mess. Oh!!! but if you announced that you are coming over, trust me, I will get this power speed to clean the house so fast that you would never tell it was ever messy (I wish I always had that power in my life but like I said I am your average mom that does get tired like any other mom). I will also post pictures of our homeschooling life which comes very hard for me but works best for our family. You might also see a mix of our daily life's and some gardening so hope you enjoy and wont get too bored too quick.. Here it is, My Real Life Parenting...

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