Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Steam Cleaning

Dust Mites are disgusting and they live in our pillows and blankets by the millions. 
They feed on our dead skin and poop in our comforters, 
beds and pillows and then they die there.

Did I grossed you out yet? 
Yes it is truly an eye opener. BLEHHHHH

This is what I did to help the problem that all of us have.

OK so here it goes,
 since I have a king size comforter filled with down feathers
 I could not put it in my washing machine for a nice hot wash, 
therefore I decided to put my steamer (that I got from my hubby, thank you :))
to good use and steam each and ever square on both sides, to kill whatever was inside.

After about 2 hrs of on and off steaming my comforter became fluffier and fluffier 

and the finished result, was very nice. One big fluffy cloud.

Pillows on the other hand were a little easier, 
I put both in the wash on hot and extra rinse to make sure that everything gets washed away. 
Since my pillows are also stuffed with feathers they took a bit longer to dry.
I had to put then on LOW for few good hours
with 3 tennis balls which help them to get nice and fluffy. 
In between the hour drying times I had to take them out and give them a nice fluff 
as well as using my hands to separate the clusters of feathers.

Results, again nice and fluffy.

I also steamed my bed and my drapes and gave my bedroom a nice scrub down for dust including a  thorough carpet vacuuming, 
I guess I can call this my Spring Steam Cleaning.

The info definitely woke me up and to think that we sleep with dust mites everyday.
Hope that this will get many of you out there to steam clean your beds
and wash your pillows and comforters or blankets.

For more info about dust mites go here


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