Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Polish School

 Since my family is Polish and the fact that I was born in Poland,
came here when I was 12
and years later ended up marrying a Polish guy,
I want my kids to speak Polish and learn about their heritage.

Since we Homeschool already
 adding Polish school to our schedule was the natural thing to do.

My awesome dudes are still young so I decided to teach them the basics about Poland,
here you can see true devotion from my little dude in trying to color the Polish flag

white and red with an eagle of course,
by now my kids recognize the flag and when asked can tell me the colors.

And since Corn Poppies (Maki) are Poland's national flower
we decide to make some to hang on our window.
The idea came from DLTK's website.
Cut some red strips into small squares
(developing some good cutting skills)

spread some glue on the flower and  place the red strips on top

and in order for the flower to keep its shape I had to cut them out.

The finished project, beautiful hanging flowers on my window.

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