Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Turning back time to my 2011 garden

This was my first attempt in 2011 at official gardening, 
I must say looking back I did OK.
Here is the harvest that I was collecting
it looks so wonderful doesn't it
yum! I can't wait for this year to begin (click here for 2012 Garden)

some lettuce



watermelon was a success

it was eaten in 5 minutes

beautiful onions

some garlic

and one of my last collection of harvest, 
basil, fava beans, small red tomatoes and some zebra tomatoes that are green when ready  

before it got to cold I brought my rosemary, 
parsley and chives indoors to have some indoor herbs for the winter 

this year will be different I will have new garden beds, better organic soil, 
and way more crops then in 2011.
Let me just say kohlrabi, turnip... that's how interesting we are going in 2012.

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