Sunday, April 15, 2012

My new Garden Beds

 This is where it all begins, my new garden beds.
We needed to roto-till the garden first to make the soil nice and workable

here is my little awesome dude helping out with his little lawn mower

and the construction begins

day #2 was a bit of a challenge b/c the beds are on a bit of a hill
and one side was taller then the other so we had to improvise a bit

and the beds are done

other angle

my hubby put in our left over brick from the patio

some topsoil followed by organic compost

and here are the beds filled to the top

other side

some of my spring crop is already in

starting on the summer crop

some herbs

spring weather brings all sorts of surprises 
and sure enough temperatures dropped to almost 20's 
so we needed to keep the veggies nice and warm for the night

more to come...

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